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DataMapper automatically converts aerial data into georeferenced orthomosaics, features a library of on-demand analysis tools, and makes aerial data easy to share.

Tools and resources

  • Orthomosaics


  • 3D Models

    3D Models

  • Crop Health Analysis Tools

    Crop Health Analysis Tools

  • Volume Measurement

    Volume Measurement

Analysis Reports

Analysis Reports Analysis Reports

How it works

  • Collect Data

    Collect Data

    Collect aerial data with any sensor-equipped drone or use satellite acquired imagery.

  • Process


    Select 2D or 3D products to process automatically and upload to your account.
    Offline processing tool available.

  • Manage + Share

    Manage + Share

    View, track, organize, create data sets and share in the cloud or mobile devices.

  • Analyze


    Analyze orthomosaics with on-demand analysis tools to gain critical insights.

View what you’ve captured before leaving survey sites!

DataMapper Infield is a desktop software that allows a user to easily view flight path coverage, add ground control points, and attach flight logs and flight bounds to surveys.

  • Compatible with any drone
  • Intuitive user interface

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Orthomosaic processing

Generate orthomosaics, 3D models, point clouds and digital surface models (DSM) from aerial data. Every mosaic automation is georeferenced and GIS ready.

Georeferenced Orthomosaic Maps

Georeferenced Orthomosaic Maps
Georeferenced Orthomosaic Maps
Orthomosaic processing
Orthomosaic processing

No internet? No problem.

Process images offline with DataMapper Local

Bring image processing power with you on the go with our standalone desktop software. Perform photogrammetric processing of visual images and generate unlimited orthomosaics, 3D models, and 3D point clouds.

Analysis made easy

Algorithm Marketplace

Access a continually expanding library of professional, on-demand analysis tools to gain the critical insights you want when needed.

  • On-demand tools
  • Accurate
  • Cost effective
  • Streamlined
Visit the Algorithm Marketplace »
Algorithm Marketplace
Algorithm Marketplace


  • Volumetrics


    Automatically measures volume of bulk material stored or excavated.

  • Measurement


    Measure distances and areas with ease.

  • Annotations


    Takes notes, share comments and collaborate with your team members.

DataMapper works with all drones

* Must provide images plus telemetry data.

Manage data anywhere

In the office and on the go.

Manage surveys, reports, users and more from your mobile device, laptop or desktop.

Process, visualize and edit results on a mobile device in the field. Initiate survey uploads in the field and finish at the office.

Find surveys easily.

All your data is organized and easy to find with search feature and predefined filters.

Find surveys easily
Find surveys easily
Manage data anywhere Manage data anywhere

Share and collaborate

Send survey data and collaborate with anyone you choose.



Build drone data apps with our API tools. Only pay for what you use as we scale with you. We expose a cloud API that developers can interact with to build intelligent and scalable solutions.


Sell or use your tools privately on our Algorithm Marketplace.
Only pay for what you use.


Secure Data
  • Transmitted over secure connection (SSL)

  • Encrypted on disk for additional security

  • Control access levels

  • Crop area of interest

  • Back-ups

Research and development

Our Investors

  • Intel Capital
  • Verizon Ventures
  • Millennium
  • Yamaha Motor Ventures
  • USAA
  • NTT Docomo Ventures
  • Innovate Indiana Fund

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